About US

We are very delighted to have a chance to introduce our company very briefly. Mahfam Dane Co., established in 2005, is an organization with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of other customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and farmers. We are specialized in different areas including: providing Medical Supplies by importing high quality health care products from all around the world, supplying basic food ingredients for food manufacturing companies, supplying animal feed and animal feed ingredients for domesticated animals, and finally, goods distributor of the major food manufacturing companies in Iran. Mahfam Dane Co. Ltd plays a major role in distribution field inside Iran. We are capable of transporting goods to different geographical zones through convenient transportation means.

Mahfam Dane Culture

Value: Tolerative, Faithful, and Grateful

Employment Concept: Everybody is genius

Action Concept: Hardworking, Earnest, and Efficient 

Enterprise Goal: Win customers' satisfaction

Our Vision

We do have a vision. Our vision is Customer Satisfaction through the best sort of services we provide.  Mahfam Dane Co. has a dream, to be the top supplier and distributor in the Middle East.