" we wish a better life for everyone "

We are very delighted to have a chance to introduce our company very briefly. Mahfam Dane Co., established in 2005, is an organization with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of other customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and farmers. We are specialized in different areas including: providing Medical Supplies by importing high quality health care products from all around the world and plays an active role in the region in the mentioned field, supplying basic food ingredients for food manufacturing companies, Supplying feed supplement Premixes for domesticated animals, and finally, goods distributor of the major food manufacturing companies in Iran. Mahfam Dane Co. Ltd plays a major role in distribution field inside Iran. We are capable of transporting goods to different geographical zones through convenient transportation means.

Why we are better than others?

  • Reputation
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Experience means us!
  • Our clients remain with us
  • Ethics
Despite similar businesses offering the same services in the region, our clients have always had a preference for Mahfam Dane.
All the goods we supply have the international standards and certificates
We ship the right number of items, on time so that they arrive in good shape and if whatever goes wrong, we live up to our responsibilities to you.
After many years of experience in the business, we know how to SUPPLY and DISTRIBUTE.
Through Surveys, feedback forms and other data collection techniques we have known that our customers feel attached to us.
Profitability is not everything to us. Responsibility for the promises we make is what matters to us.

Service we provide

  • Medical

    Mahfam Dane Co. Ltd exists to promote success and happiness for our family of customers, vendors and employees. In order to support national economy and production, we only supply equipments/items which are not produced inside Iran. In addition, we only import and supply nonmedical consumable items. Drugstores can send their queries to us and their order would be ready very quickly with the most competitive prices in the market. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding service and value to our customers – while meeting their healthcare needs.

  • Food Additives

    Many of Iran’s largest and best-known food manufacturers think Mahfam Dane first for their formulations. Our high-quality ingredients are in thousands of the products consumers use and enjoy every day. Mahfam Dane, imports genuine food ingredients from Indian wholesalers  which are among the worlds largest exporters of food ingredients , and its specialty food ingredients business, offers a wide range of ingredients that address taste, texture, nutrition and functionality in meat, beverage, health and nutrition, snack, confection baked goods, cereal and personal care market.

  • Animal Feed

    The basic nutrients that animals require for maintenance, growth, reproduction, and good health include carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Mahfam Dane Co. is a major importer and distributor of a wide range of premixes, specialty ingredients and food additives for companion animals and, has extensive understanding of the nutritional needs of domesticated animals. We offer products that can help optimize the production of your farms animals. We supply any products that will help maximizing the profitability of your flock and improve your business efficiency as a result.

  • Distribution

    To tap into the Iranian market, identifying a reliable distributor or wholesaler with a strong business network within the country is always the best strategic move for overseas companies. Understanding the distribution channels of Iran will help you understand what will happen after selling your goods to Iranian distributors or wholesalers. Mahfam Dane Co. Ltd helps you spread your products wider and faster into the market place at lower costs than your competitors.  Mahfam Dane's transport system takes your goods into different geographical areas. Just contact us and ask